softilicious.com specialise in the development of apps for the mobile market.

Our apps, whether they're utilities, tools, suites or games - target the Windows 8 ecosystem.

Headquartered in the heart of the UK South Coast, softilicious.com's mission statement is to be a technology-leading software development company and to create quality solutions that save time, entertain and make you smile, all while on the move.

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Surge is almost here!

softilicious.com is pleased to announce that it's new Windows 8 game is nearing the home-stretch. We're calling it "Surge" and it's going to be available for Windows Phone 7, 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows 8.

It’s been so much fun making this game and along the way we’ve also learned first-hand how much time and attention to detail needs to be sunk into a project like this in order to compete in today’s environment filled with the highest of expectations, but the end is in sight!

Click on the button below to see what it's all about...

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  • Nearing completion!

    So we needed to come and write a blog post because we need to provide some updated source for the Nuclex Framework to comply with the CPL license... And, as I came to write this, a couple of things came to mind.

    1) We royally suck at blogging (or, at least, remembering to blog). We meant to, we really did. 

    2) We were quite naive to believe that in November 2012 we were thinking we were about to 'get those last few features implemented'.

    So, before I get to the Nuclex updates, I wanted …

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