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  • Nearing completion!

    So we needed to come and write a blog post because we need to provide some updated source for the Nuclex Framework to comply with the CPL license... And, as I came to write this, a couple of things came to mind.

    1) We royally suck at blogging (or, at least, remembering to blog). We meant to, we really did. 

    2) We were quite naive to believe that in November 2012 we were thinking we were about to 'get those last few features implemented'.

    So, before I get to the Nuclex updates, I wanted …

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  • Surge - a turn-based artillery game, with many unique twists!



    At its heart, Surge is a “turn-based artillery game” – but our re-imagination of this classic genre has resulted in something, which is not only so much more than that – we feel it’s also quite unique.

    Not only does Surge feature the expected artillery gameplay that we all know and love, we’ve also integrated a full physics engine and a world domination-esque meta-game! Your vehicles really feel like they have proper weight, realistic suspension & …

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