Nearing completion!

On Jul 14 2013 10:30 PMBy Matt

So we needed to come and write a blog post because we need to provide some updated source for the Nuclex Framework to comply with the CPL license... And, as I came to write this, a couple of things came to mind.

1) We royally suck at blogging (or, at least, remembering to blog). We meant to, we really did. 

2) We were quite naive to believe that in November 2012 we were thinking we were about to 'get those last few features implemented'.

So, before I get to the Nuclex updates, I wanted to share some stats from our source repository to illustrate my second point... Since that blog post was written, there have been 284 commits which touched a total of 3,691 files. 

Over that time we've been working hard on the AI, made about 20 new weapons, made numerous (and I do mean numerous) visual updates, added sounds - we even completely reimplemented the broad-phase of Farseer for more performance.

Last few features! :)

However, on to the main event, which is to link to our updated Nuclex framework. I use the word 'updated' generously, seeing as we only used the vector fonts part, and so I've just included those parts in the archive. There is a lot less involved here than what originally ships with the Nuclex Framework, so it's pretty likely that this will either fit your specific need perfectly, or not at all. The true type importer in this pack does a better job at estimating how many points will be needed for a curve - so some characters will be much better defined (the letter D in sans-serif fonts being a classic case in point). The output produced is also smaller due to the reduced complexity. What you have now is a simple, light-weight way to get the vertices involved for drawing a string - nothing more. In Surge we use these vertices to build vertex/index buffers, so it's pretty likely you'll want to do the same. So...

Here's our updated Nuclex Framework