Surge - a turn-based artillery game, with many unique twists!



Surge logoAt its heart, Surge is a “turn-based artillery game” – but our re-imagination of this classic genre has resulted in something, which is not only so much more than that – we feel it’s also quite unique.

Not only does Surge feature the expected artillery gameplay that we all know and love, we’ve also integrated a full physics engine and a world domination-esque meta-game! Your vehicles really feel like they have proper weight, realistic suspension – and when you fire a missile you can actually see the vehicle bottoming out its springs as a result of the recoil!

The aim of the game is to achieve world domination by conquering all the countries in the world. The gameplay needed to achieve this will see the player visiting three distinct time periods, each with their own unique vehicles, weapons and biomes. These eras are called Classic, Modern and Future and I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what surprises these eras hide.

Surge features a “skirmish” mode, allowing up to 6 players to have a quick blast in any era or level which has been unlocked in the normal campaign mode.

Achievements, or “Medals” as we call them, are also a fun addition – providing another great reason to keep playing the game after it’s been beaten to try and improve on ones’ previous best.


  • A world-domination “overworld” mechanic. Beat the game by conquering the world!
  • An integrated physics engine – Farseer – provides believable vehicle handling mechanics.
  • A year counter – as time passes so do the available vehicles, weapons and levels.
  • A day-night cycle – as the fight plays out, watch as day turns to night. Time your moves correctly and force your enemy fight at night.
  • Powerups. Crates parachute down from the sky, each containing a mystery bonus item. Do you go for the crate, or take out your enemy before he does? It’s always a gamble – you could miss!
  • Over 30 different ways of blowing each other up – everything from machine guns all the way up to artificial lightning strikes and miniature black holes!
  • 12 distinct level biomes, each with an infinite number of randomised permutations.
  • An achievement system – Medals – awarded for pulling off amazing displays of skill, or by failing in a spectacular manner!
  • A “Skirmish” feature for a quick blast when you don’t have time for strategy.


Please bear in mind that these screenshots are of unfinished work, running on older Windows Phone 7 hardware, and as such do not accurately represent the final quality of the game.